About us

Above Evolution is a new age brand currently based in Canberra, Australia, that strives to provide exceptional apparel and accessories for fitness enthusiasts. 

We are machines, and we need to be taken care of. Staying active is the best way to maintain our health, whether it is a workout, or a weekend sport, or just having an overall active life.

Great performance of the machine can only be achieved by using equipment that has been developed to the highest quality, and Above Evolution is built upon that belief.

Human beings have been evolving for generations and so are the technologies. Some good and some not, the market is a wide dump for the products created throughout these generations.

At Above Evolution, we ignore the products and technologies that are not the best anymore. By providing our customers with the greatest equipment available at the moment, we try to put them up above the entire evolution of the products.
We believe that performance is not just required for professionals, but for everyone aspiring to have an active lifestyle. So, our prices reflect the balance between price and performance with absolutely no compromise with materials.